Youth Crisis Accommodation for Young People and Young Parenting Families

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I CaN HOPe Program


The I CaN HOPe The I CaN HOPe Program which means Indigenous Chameleon and Ngarrama Housing Opportunities Program has been developed in partnership between Chameleon Housing and Ngarrama, a free antenatal, birthing and postnatal service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families who choose to birth at the Redcliffe Hospital. Chameleon Housing will provide the accommodation support to families in the Ngarrama program who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The goal of the program will be for the family to transition into long term independent accommodation through the Department of Housing or the independent market. Chameleon Housing provides the family with a fully furnished house and case management support. The Ngarrama service offers qualified Clinical Midwives, Child Health Nurses and Advanced Indigenous Health Workers (Maternal and Infant Health) for up to six weeks after birth.

GOALS - Female and Male Mentoring Programs

Guys and Gals Offering Assistance & Lending Support – Our strengths based program is driven by the needs and interests of the mentee rather than the expectations of others. Our program is based on a ‘developmental’ mentoring approach – our mentors get to know the person, are flexible in their expectations and take their cues from the mentees. The mentees goals are paramount. The program is open to males and females aged from 10 years and upwards and provides one on one support including the following:-  
  • Role modelling
  • Developing life management skills, such as decision making and problem solving, communication/social skills, managing time and goal setting.
  • Building living skills, such as cooking, hygiene and focusing on specific goals.
  • Support for families, siblings, parents.
  • Recreational activities, camps, social outings… and much more.

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